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Three Best Summer Food Festivals In Italy
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Italy is as much known for its food as it is known for its historical legacy and fashion industry. Just like the protagonist of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray and Love who went to Italy to explore its gourmet treasures, there are thousands of visitors to Italy every year who want a taste of the manna served in the Italian ristorante. In Italy, food festivals are celebrated year round. The summer food festivals in Italy are a haunt for food connoisseurs where you can find popular Italian food displayed with flourish. Let’s discuss a few of the popular food festivals in Italy.

Fiordilatte Fiordifesta is celebrated in Agerola and it is centered on fiordilatte, a mozzarella-like cheese which is made with cow’s milk. The festival also showcases other popular Italian food offerings like smoky provola, compact scamorza, and creamy ricotta. You can also indulge in coarse salami cured with white wine, twice baked bread, bacon and more.

Festa di Noiantri is a summer festival held in Rome along the Tiber banks. Noiantri when translated means “we others,” and that is how the residents of the bohemian Trastevere neighborhood think of themselves, as a breed apart. You can find colorful booths offering bruschetta with exotic toppings, while the locals also sell arts, crafts and other Italian delicacies during this festival.

If you like to top up the food with a rustic atmosphere, some great music, dancing and firework, then Sagra del Tortello alla Lastra is the best summer food festival for you. Delicious tortello cooked on a slab of slate is doled out to a background of revelry. This 3-day summer food festival is celebrated in August.

We have only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg, there are other summer food festivals that are equally interesting. Clear sky, pleasant climate, a host of sagre (festivals), Italy is best during summer. Get a taste of Italy through these festivals!

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