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Bologna Rewards “Green” Behavior
Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 by The city of Bologna is famous for its cuisine and its covered porticoes, but recently it is making headlines for other reasons. From April to September each year, the city’s initiative “Bella Mossa” kicks into full swing. “Bella Mossa” translates to “Good Job” or “Good Move” and it is a way to not only benefit the environment but to be rewarded at th...
Beautiful Bookstores in Italy
Published on Saturday, November 15, 2014 by Excellent design features in every aspect of Italian life, from furniture to automobiles to eyeglass frames to grocery packaging. Of course bookstores in our favorite country are well designed—and often also extremely beautiful. This list is of the most visually arresting stores. They aren’t necessarily the ones in which you’ll find titles in English (but isn’...
Italy Travel Photo: Bologna in Black and White
Published on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 by Bologna at 6 a.m. This central Italian city is a dream destination for foodies and cultural enthusiasts.  Explore Bologna with a private walking tour or cooking class. Photo by rufo,
Bologna Voted “Most Livable” and Turin Voted “Most Sustainable”
Published on Monday, December 26, 2011 by People get into endless debates about the "best" of all the Italian cities. Is Rome better than Florence or Venice better than Milan? It is impossible to pick the best city in Italy but it is definitely possible to categorize them a bit. Two Italian cities have won "best" labels this month - Bologna for livability and Turin for environmental sustainability. A surve...