Italy TravelEverything About the Italian Way of Life

Everything About the Italian Way of Life
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Italy attracts tourists like bees to a honey pot! They come from all over to drink in the beauty of the land and gorge on its exquisite cuisine. Every person who visits this beautiful place is enchanted by Italy’s traditions, rich culture, and history. If you haven’t been to Italy, you must add it to the list of places you must visit. But, before you embark on your journey, take a look at our Italy travel tips to enjoy more and fret less.

When you visit Italy, you will realize not many people speak English. They all speak Italian, though you might come across different accents and dialects when you travel across the country. Can you speak Italian? If no, then learn at least a smattering of Italian words and phrases to help you when you travel around Italy. Words like ‘Buongiornio’ meaning hello and ‘Ciao’ meaning goodbye will help you greet people. If you want to answer with yes or no, say ‘Si’ and ‘No’, respectively. Also, learn phrases like ‘mi chiamo’ – ‘my name is’ and ‘sono di’ – ‘I’m from’ to introduce yourself. You can learn a lot of useful Italian phrases and words using an Italian travel guide.

When you travel across Italy from north to south, you will be able to spot certain conspicuous differences. While northern Italy is highly industrialized with high population density, the southern part is predominantly rural. No matter where you travel within the country, Italians everywhere have a great sense of humor, they are warm and welcoming. But, they do tend to judge others by their appearance as it matters a lot to them. They spend a lot on clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. So, dress and groom yourself well to create a bella figura.

There are certain meeting etiquettes that can come in handy when interacting with Italians. Greet them with a handshake unless there is familiarity enough for air kissing or a pat on the back. Wines, chocolates and flowers make good gifts when invited to an Italian home.

These Italy travel tips might help you understand the place and its people a little better. Plan your trip with Perillo Tours and enjoy a great vacation in Italy.

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