Italy TravelGet Married in Italy, The Best Place to Tie the Knot!

Get Married in Italy, The Best Place to Tie the Knot!
Published on Saturday, October 1, 2011 by

You are standing in the most exotic place in the world wearing a wedding suit, eagerly waiting with a ring in your hand. While you are surrounded by a swarm of friends and relatives, your ladylove arrives wearing a beautiful smile on her blushing face. The wedding bells ring to announce the beginning of a new chapter in your life! You exchange the wedding rings with your bride and commit to a lifetime of love, understanding and togetherness! – You would’ve dreamt of a wedding like this. Now stop dreaming and start planning for the most unique wedding in Italy!

No one would ever deny the fact that Italy is one of the best European wedding destinations in the world. A wedding in Italy is a thing of fairytales with castles for locations,  incredible food and exquisite clothes from fashion houses in Milan.

A great advantage of getting married here is that you won’t need any residency requirement, which is mandatory in many European countries, including Portugal and Spain. So, there is no place for bureaucratic delays!

Italy is brimming with a lot of picturesque locales, so you don’t have to consider giving a separate backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Here are a few places where you can plan your wedding,

• The Italian Riveria: Lush vegetation, beautiful vineyards, magnificent mountains, and reef fishing neighborhoods make up an intimate backdrop. It is perfect for a beachside wedding!

• Italian Alps: You can find some striking locations like sky-high castles and romantic luxury villas here. Getting married in any of these places will definitely leave a lasting impression on the minds of the guests.

• Lake Lugano: Getting married in a beautiful place with a lakeside backdrop will be amazing. Like the beachside wedding, this lakeside wedding is downright refreshing and romantic.

If you plan your wedding in Italy, then you needn’t search for a separate honeymoon spot. When you have Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, at an accessible distance, what more are you looking for?

Head off to Italy with your bride for an ever-cherishing wedding ceremony! Get help from Perillo’s ItalyVacations to plan a trip to Italy!

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