Italy TravelStyle Trends In Rome – Past and Present!

Style Trends In Rome – Past and Present!
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Imagine standing in front of the world’s most-visited historical monuments in Rome. Can you imageine fashion in ancient Rome? With the perfect mixture of past and present in a way you have never imagined, Rome portrays a remarkable passion for clothes.

As we all know, from monuments and churches to clothing and accessories, Romans were incredible trend setters. There are many differences found between the past and the present style trends, yet they are all inspired from the same traditional designs.

For instance, ancient Romans wore long tunics called “a stola”. This garment consisted of a long dress with pleats that was worn over the undergarment. The “stola” was worn by women. The men also wore tunics similar to the “stola” but did not fasten the sides with belts. We can find a touch of these traditional styles in the outfits of Romans nowadays.

Also, in ancient times Romans sported a variety of accessories. According to fashion in ancient Rome, accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anklets were largely worn by women. Even men sported stylish accessories made from gem stones. They were very exquisite and highly expensive. People seemed to decorate themselves by carrying peacock feathered parasols and fans. With rich everlasting supply of gemstones and gold, Romans are fond of jewelry even today. Rome’s fashion trends continue to inspire modern age Rome as you can find many such handmade accessories in the market.

Romans were very keen about their hairstyle. Upper class women considered their hair as an important feature to mark their pride. Like today, even during olden days, people often used to dye their hair to make it look thicker and used false hairpieces to make it look longer. The Roman hairstyles are mostly curled in ringlets or spiral. With jeweled hairpins women from ancient Rome liked to tie their hair up in pony tails quite similar to modern women. These kinds of hairdos are popular among the Romans even now.

Shopping in Rome for traditional and fashionable outfits has become an interesting pasttime for the tourists. Do not miss picking out the latest trendy outfit while touring Rome. It is always easy to tour Rome with

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