Italy TravelA Historical Ride through Italian Gastronomy

A Historical Ride through Italian Gastronomy
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 An interesting fact is that most people tour Italy for the sake of enjoying the Italian cuisine recipes, apart from its beguiling beauty, attractive art and architecture and the unique culture.

Like the tempting delicious food of Italy, the recipes also carry a rich and tempting background. As Italian cuisines outside Italy represent only a small part of the diverse and multi-regional styles that make up the total gastronomic picture of Italy, people tend to be unaware of the traditional and classic Italian dishes. In Italy, dishes and recipes are often prepared by grandmothers rather than chefs. This is one of the main reasons behind the ever increasing popularity of Italian cuisine.

Dating back to 1st century BC approximately, the first surviving cookbook was written by Apicus.  This Italian cuisine culture has been followed from the pre-Roman era till today.

Only after the downfall of the Romans, the Italian gastronomy began to spread and started upholding their traditions and identity. Later, they had their own specific and special approach to cooking with varieties of cheese, wine, bread, pasta, citrus fruit, and other diverse food according to their region. Involving many additional ingredients to the cuisine, the people in each of the 20 Italian regions have added many new flavors to traditional cuisine.

With an enormous array of seafood and fish, you are sure to have a delicious feast in the coastal areas. As the distinction of northern and southern type of cooking leave you confused to what to eat first, they continue to tickle your taste buds. So, do not miss to explore the secret of traditional Italian cuisine when you visit Italy this time. To book your comfortable stay in Italy, visit

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