Italy TravelTips to Save on Mobile Phone Bills During Your Italy Vacation

Tips to Save on Mobile Phone Bills During Your Italy Vacation
Published on Monday, November 28, 2011 by

Are you worried about your hefty phone bills when you are in Italy? If it is your vacation then you should find a way out from paying high amounts of money on call charges. If you are planning to head off to Italy  then now you can be relaxed with these tips for making cheap overseas calls.

Want to know how? Generally overseas call charges are highly expensive! Even if you an Iinternational calling plan through At&T, it costs over 99 cents for a call per minute. If you are not a subscriber of this international plan then it is all the more costly with call charges ranging up to $1.29 per minute. But, if you have VoIP access in your PC or mobile phone, then you can forget about your worries. There is a great way out by making cheap overseas calls via web using Voice over Internet Protocol software.

With applications like Skype, Fring, and Truphone, you can have expense less chat and fun with your family and friends. Just by paying the data connectors, you can make calls for free through these VoIP systems. You can also connect internet in your mobile, and if you are planning so, then connecting via Wi-Fi is the right option.

You can find many options to make cheap overseas calls in Italy. With VoIP service providers and Wi-Fi applications, now you can share all your travel fun and experiences with your family and friends.  Book your next Italy tour through

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    • […] Cheap Overseas Calls is possible by various VoIP Service Providers in Italy. For more such related information check out […]

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    • If an when wifi is available, yes, it does make good sense to use VoIP in order to make calls. The problem is that there are very few open wifi networks available even – in the large cities. What makes better sense is to rent or buy a SIM card for your unlocked phone. Cellular Abroad offers them online. You can get one before you arrive in Italy, saving you the hassle of purchasing one locally.

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    • Thank you for mentioning Cellular Abroad. I just checked and it seems reasonable, although there is a hassle with a different phone, of course. Calling cards are also not universally supported, i.e. there is no guarantee that pre-paid card will work to call from Italy to USA, as I just learned. One is stuck with using AT&T with their horrendous rates. What a shame in our times when it should all be a fraction of what these corporations charge. I don’t see a reliable solution at the moment, one can only try to restrict oneself to using Skype in hotels, where WiFi is often of poor quality. Travel is a challenge!

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