Italy TravelExplore the Mysterious and Puzzling Italian City of Trieste

Explore the Mysterious and Puzzling Italian City of Trieste
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Do you have a taste for puzzling and mysterious destinations? If you do, Trieste in Italy is a must visit place for you. Right from the ancient buildings to giant castles, Trieste has it all for you to explore!

Trieste stands at the corner of the country and silently boasts of its unmatched scenic beauty. Here are some of the most important tourist attractions in Trieste:

Castello Di Miramare:
This castle is located on the gulf of Trieste. It was built for Ferdinand Maxmilian, the Arch duke in 1867. The royal castle facing the beautiful Adriatic Sea is surrounded by a park designed to the taste of the archduke. The castle can be compared to those enchanting castles described in fairy tales. Your travel to Trieste could be incomplete if you miss  ou on the castlet!

The Castle/Cathedral Of San Giusto:
This castle was built on the remains of previous castles, between 1468 and 1636 and exhibits collections of ancient weapons and furniture. The present cathedral was built by joining two basilicas together as one. Mosaics, elegant gothic rose windows and the gigantic bell tower are real eye catchers.

The Teatro Romano:
This centurie- old Roman Amphitheater, built by Emperor Trojan during his reign, is an example of elegant Roman architecture. The stage  is made out of wood and the theatre is built using rock.

Canal De Grande:
This canal is similar to the grand canal of Venice. It runs half way through the busy city and towards its northern end is the beautiful church of St. Anthony.

Trieste Museums:
Trieste city history is displayed in museums for public interest. Each museum has its own unique style of explaining the past. Some of the famous museums are Museo Sveviano – in remembrance of the famous local writer Italo Svevo, Joyce’s museum and Museo Revoltella. After visiting these, you will understand why Trieste is referred to as  the city of museums.

So Italy travel tours are incomplete without a visit to Trieste in the list! Plan your Italian tour with

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