Italy TravelAdd More Taste To Your Travel With Delicious Italian Gelato

Add More Taste To Your Travel With Delicious Italian Gelato
Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 by

If you love ice cream, you will love Italian gelato. Give your taste buds a treat by trying this semi-frozen delicacy as you travel throughout Italy.

A shop that sells gelato in Italy is called a gelateria.  Tubs of deliciously-flavored, colorful Italian gelato are showcased in huge glass cases and as you watch them you will feel your tongue drool!

Italian gelato recipes contain less fat content when compared to regular ice creams. With whole milk and sugar as the key ingredients, an Italian gelato stands a lot higher in terms of taste and texture. Most standard gelato recipes do not include egg and cream. Moreover, they are not as frozen when served. Instead they are semi-frozen and are best consumed on the same day as they are made.

Non-dairy gelato is known as Sorbetto and is made up of fruits and water. This form of ice cream is commonly found in the southern parts of the country and is a popular Italy food. Its texture varies according to the sugar content present. It is more pure than a regular ice cream.

Italian gelato recipes are not really any different to that of the regular ice cream recipes. But the way they are made make them special. Unlike regular ice-cream making, the mixture is frozen while being stirred and this avoids the formation of ice crystals. Sugar content is kept under control for easy freezing and better taste. Finally, it is put into a freezer-proof container and allowed to freeze for two hours. The result is sumptuously delicious, semi-frozen gelato.

Gelato is available in a myriad of flavors. The chocolate or ‘Cioccolato’ is the most preferred  flavor and comes with endless variations such as dark chocolate, chocolate-hazelnut combination, milk-hazelnut combination. You can also ask for gelato that is topped up with various nuts, fresh fruits and cream.

Italian gelato is an important part of the Italy food culture and your Italy travel tour is a real flop, if you do not taste the genuine gelato at every stop. Visit to plan a fun-filled trip to Italy.

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