Italy TravelMake your Travel Around Venice Cheaper Using a ‘Vaporetto’

Make your Travel Around Venice Cheaper Using a ‘Vaporetto’
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Have you ever traveled in water buses that give you a light floating feel? If no, then you are missing out something big in life! When you’re in Venice, you have no good reason to miss a ride on the Venice Vaporetto! The least expensive mode of travel in Venice, a vaporetto or water bus is a flat decked boat that takes its passengers for sail along the Grand Canal.

An exciting trip in this water bus costs you around seven Euros and is valid for one hour from the time it is stamped. If you are planning to spend more time touring Venice, then a travel card can help you save money. Traveling in Venice water buses without a valid ticket can lead to heavy fines. If there is no ticket booth at the stop that you get in, ask the conductor for a ‘biglietto’ or ticket as soon as you board. It is also important that you validate your ticket before boarding a Vaporetto. Electronic cards or tickets can be validated by placing them on the electronic card reader and paper tickets can be validated by inserting them into the yellow stamping machine.

Major Venice Vaporetto routes used by tourists include number 1, 2, N, 41 and 42. The number 1 Vaporetto runs through the Grand Canal stopping at all the 6 neighborhoods. On the other hand, number 2 route takes you to the train station, Piazzale Roma, part of the Grand Canal, and Guidecca. Route N buses are night buses that follow number 2 route, whereas routes 41 and 42 connect you to the outside of Venice or the Murano Island. You might have to purchase a separate ticket if you want to board the Alilaguna lines that connect to the Venice airport.

Though all Venice water buses are lit with beautiful lights in the evening, the number 1 route gives you the most scenic experience. Even if you are out with a specially-abled person or a baby, you will still be able to enjoy the exciting Vaporetto trip as most of the Vaporetti are wheelchair and baby carriage accessible.

Just like the amazing vaparetto system, Venice has many other attractions to offer you! Plan your Venice tours with and make it more comfortable and fun.

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