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Mischievous April’s Fish in Italy
Published on Monday, April 2, 2012 by

April Fool’s Day, also known as All Fool’s Day is one of the light-hearted days of celebration in all parts of the world. World celebrates every important heroic events and religious festivals, but April 1st has been dedicated to celebrate foolishness.

Till date, no one knows the history behind celebrating April Fool’s day, but the most accepted reason for this celebration backs to 16th century in France. Until 1564, France had been using Julian calendar in which New Year was celebrated in the month of April. Later when King Charles IX decided to use the Gregorian calendar, New Year fell in the month of January. This shifting of calendar was not accepted by all and people who were against the Gregorian calendar celebrated New Year in the month of April and hence they were mocked by the people who followed the Gregorian calendar.

Italy in April is always filled with festival and fun. April fool’s day in Italy has been designated under the name pesce d’Aprile meaning April’s fish. Some people believe that the term fish represents the Zodiac sign of Pisces since the month is April. Another version behind the term fish is, April being the month when new fishes are hatched, they can be easily fooled and caught.

Italy also follows the same tradition of fooling people with pranks and jokes on the fool’s day. Beware if your friend slaps you on your back in a friendly way on the 1st of April and asks you ‘have you seen him?’. If you ask him back ‘who?’ the answer you get is ‘April Fish’ and don’t forget that you are the April fish since he has stuck a paper fish while slapping you.

Make fool of others before they do the same to you. Play some simple pranks like sticking a coin to the ground and watch people trying to take it out. Or hide an alarm clock in the room and set it to ring late night. But make sure that these pranks do not hurt anyone as it is only celebrated for fun.

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