Italy TravelRemarkable Medieval Festival in Narni

Remarkable Medieval Festival in Narni
Published on Friday, April 13, 2012 by

Italy hosts some of the most historic festivals that attract tourists from across the globe, all through the year. The hill town of Narni in Italy celebrates the Corsa all’Anello, a classic festival dating back to the early 13th century.  The festival honors Saint Giovanale and the whole town seems to be in great excitement as people enjoy taking part in a range of cultural events. If you’re one of those heading to Italy this summer, you must be really lucky. Save time to be a part of this wonderful Italian festival.

Corsa all’Anello takes you back to the medieval era. The festival opens up at the end of April and goes on until the 2nd week of May. People dress up in the 14th century style, squares and streets of Narni will be decorated with flags and torches, and the entire town exudes the classic aura of the 1370s. The festival is jeweled with events including fashion shows, parades, historical re-enactment, processions, art exhibitions, concerts, and competitions.

The most expected event of the Corsa all’Anello festival is however the “race to the ring”. Targeting youngsters, this event brings together all the young knights dressed up in the medieval clothing. They ride on horses and try to snare rings, which are supported by ropes extending through the houses of Via Maggiore. Once all the excitement slowly subdues, the city’s authorities offer candles to the tomb of Patron Saint Giovenale on the 2nd of May as a way of respect.

Having said all this, you’d really love to be a part of this historic celebration. And there are other festivals in Umbria that are in no way lesser than Corsa all’Anello in excitement. No doubt, such events make this town one of the famous Italy travel destinations. Plan your trip with and enjoy visiting all hot tourist spots in Italy.

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