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Five Italian Cities worth a Visit
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When you want to enjoy Italy at its best, you definitely ought to visit its five fascinating cities – Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and Naples. These beautiful cities are a perfect amalgamation of Italian history and modern attractions. With abundant places to visit, these cities are sure to create moments that you’ll cherish for years to come. Each city here has something special to make your trip to Italy a memorable affair.


Rome is one of the major tourist attractions in Italy that attract thousands of tourists every year. With its historical buildings, museums, and medieval churches, it will certainly mesmerize you. If you think that Rome is all about history, then its modern version will prove you wrong. The modern city of Rome offers a plethora of shopping centers and great restaurants for you to take pleasure in during your vacation. With late-night bars and clubs, this city has a lively nightlife!


Italian cities are an epitome of breathtaking beauty and Venice has the best of all. Famous for its gondola rides, this city is celebrated for its romantic destinations. When you’re in this splendid city, don’t forget to visit Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice, which is known for its magnificent church.


The next city that you shouldn’t forget to visit while in Italy is Milan. Well known as the fashion capital of the world, this city has numerous shops, galleries, and restaurants to pique your interest. This lovely city also has the La Scala, which is perceived to be the biggest Opera House in the world. Another famous Italy tourist attraction in this city is the Duomo. It’s the world’s largest Gothic church with a stunning structure and glorious architecture.


Florence is yet another architecturally rich city, which draws thousands of tourists every day. The Duomo and Baptistery are one of the major tourist attractions in Italy. The Duomo is Europe’s fourth largest church, whereas the Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings of the city.


Naples finds a distinctive place for itself in this list of five Italian cities. This fast-paced city will amaze you with its rich culture, historical buildings, world class shopping centers, and fine restaurants. Add the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito, and Spaccanapoli to your must-visit list when you’re in this city.

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