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Three of the Best Umbria Summer Festivals
Published on Friday, June 1, 2012 by

The Italian region of Umbria lies smack dab in the middle of the country and is the only region in Italy without either a coastal or a foreign border. It is known for its green hills, medieval churches and cuisine that is tied to the land, especially its black and white truffles. The capital Perugia is famous in part as the home of Perugina chocolate. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Umbria this summer, check out these festivals:

La Sagra della Pappardella (Festival of Pappardelle Pasta) takes place this year from June 1 to 10 in Stroncone, a municipality in the Umbrian province of Terni. It is about 40 miles southeast of Perugia. Organized by the Piazzetta Cultural Association, the Papardelle Festival features live music and dance performances every night, in addition to the real deal in Umbrian cuisine. Homemade pappardelle and gnocchetti, spezzatino di cinghiale (wild boar stew), grilled meats and pork, all accompanied by great local wines and artisanal desserts are on offer.

La Festa della Lavanda (Festival of Lavender) will be held in Assisi on the 23rd and 24th of June. Here the community will come together to celebrate the seasonal blossoming of fragrant lavender on the fields of Levandeto di Assisi, a garden and breeding ground famous for its vast and varied collection of lavender plants. Threads and materials of many colors can be produced from the plants, and during the two day festival there will be basket making courses and a small market as well as the distillation of essential oils. Don’t forget to make a reservation for Saturday the 23rd, as dinner will be served al profumo di sage, mint and lavender. The official website does not have an English version,  but check it out anyway for some great pictures and craft ideas   .

The Umbrian Jazz Festival kicks off this year in Perugia on July 6th and continues through the 15th.  Held annually since 1973, it has traditionally attracted a large and multicultural audience as well as some of the biggest names in music. Along with the impressive lineup of jazz artists, African tribal music, rock and roll, blues, reggae and gospel music have all been performed here. Many of the concerts take place outside and on the streets and piazze of Perugia. For the 2012 program check out .

By Kathy McCabe

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