Italy TravelWhy I Love Eating in Italy

Why I Love Eating in Italy
Published on Friday, September 7, 2012 by

I start planning my meals in Italy as soon as I book my trip. There’s just no better place in the world to experience such incredible tastes.  Here is what I love best about eating in Italy:

Local, Fresh Ingredients: Chances are that anything you eat in Italy was grown or produced no more than a few miles away. How many places can say that? The meat, vegetables, cheese literally taste fresh because they are!

Simple Recipes: Most Italian dishes contain just a few ingredients – even fresh pasta is usually just semolina flour and water – but don’t let that fool you. Those ingredients pack in the flavor.

There’s Always a Story: Not matter what you eat, there’s some history behind the foods you’re enjoying in Italy. It might be a family story (our great-great-great grandfather originally planted these) or even a piece of larger history (Roman soldiers couldn’t wait to snack on it).  

So in the interest of showcasing Italy’s food and wine, I’ve designed a new tour…Mangia e Bevi

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