Italy TravelWhere to Go in Italy: Visit Rome, Venice, Florence On Your First Trip

Where to Go in Italy: Visit Rome, Venice, Florence On Your First Trip
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So you’re planning a trip to Italy – probably your first – and can’t decide exactly where to go. You’re not alone, this is a problem most visitors to Italy have. There’s simply too much to see! You need to start with the realization that there is no way you are going to see everything so don’t even try.  The key is to prioritize. If it is your first trip to Italy, start with the big three

Rome:  The Eternal City has it all — ancient ruins, Baroque churches, architectural wonders and the seat of the Catholic church — and they all co-exist with vibrant modern life. It seems every time construction begins on a new building, it is quickly halted because another ancient find has been unearthed. That’s Rome. You’ll never be able to see the whole city in one go so don’t try. Simply take in what you can and don’t forget to day dream as you walk through the Colosseum and Forum about what life might have been like as an ancient Roman.

Venice: As there is simply no other place on Earth like Venice, it has been drawing visitors from around the world for centuries. A city built on water with miles of canals and hundreds of bridges, the former Venetian Republic enjoys a rich history filled with foreign trade and intrigue. In this city of Casanova, romance and mystery fill the salty air. Age-old palaces and museums await. Feed the pigeons in St. Mark’s Mark’s Square. Shop for Murano glass and  Carnevale masks.

Florence:  This is where the Renaissance was born and where it still feels alive and well. This small city devotes itself to art. The Accademia housing Michelangelo’s sculpture David and the Uffizi Gallery are two must-sees. Throughout Florence, you will feel like you are stepping in the foot prints of masters like Michelangelo and Borromini. Stroll the Ponte Vecchio with a scoop of gelato and do some people watching. For Florence’s famous leather and paper visit the street markets and adorable shops.

By Kathy McCabe

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