Italy TravelChoose The Perfect Italy Trip for You

Choose The Perfect Italy Trip for You
Published on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 by

So you’re planning to go travel to Italy in 2014 but not quite sure where to start? We’re here to help. After all, my family has been offering Italy tours and planning Italy itineraries for 69 years. Here’s a quick guide to picking the perfect Italy trip for you:

First Trip to Italy – Escorted Tours

If you’ve never been to Italy before, the best cities to visit first are Venice, Florence and Rome. You can see the big three on our 10-Day Marco Polo Tour. Our 14-day North Classic Tour takes you to the big three PLUS Milan, Lake Como, Sorrento,the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.

First Trip to Italy – Dine on Your Own

The 14-Day Italy Continental Tour delivers the identical itinerary to the North Classic (in reverse) but gives you the chance to dine out on your own at night. If you’re a bit of culinary adventurer and want the flexibility of dining on your own, go with the Continental.

Explore A New Part of Italy

Maybe you’ve been to Italy already and you’re ready to explore some new areas. Consider the 12-Day Amalfi Coast + Sicily Tour which will immerse you in the culture and charm of southern Italy.

Family and/or Friends Want to Join You

If you have 15 or fewer family members, you can join any of our scheduled Italy tours. If you have more than 15 traveling, get your own departure date! Our Perillo Groups division can even help you customize a tour to your family’s specific needs. Perillo’s can put together a custom itinerary for your small family group of seven or fewer people.

Learn to Speak Italian and Cook Italian Too!

Try our 9-day active Learning Journey Parla e Cucina which combines cooking, wine and Italian language lessons. You can participate in Florence or in the beautiful Tuscan town of Lucca.

See Pope Francis

If you want to see Pope Francis when you’re in Italy, consider the Eat Pray Love Tour (which includes a Papal Audience when available). Our custom travel division, can also plan an itinerary for you including a Papal Audience with guide.

“Under The Tuscan Sun”

Want your very own villa in Tuscany — at least for a week? You can enjoy your very own version of Under The Tuscan Sun with a rental from Perillo Villas. We have 375 rentals in Tuscany. Or explore the region with’s Week in A Tuscan Castle which includes accommodations and rental car for as little as $475.

Do It Your Way

Don’t see a package or tour that completely fits your needs? Our custom travel experts at can create a one-of-a-kind Italy itinerary including accommodations, transportation, guides, day trips, cooking lessons and more.

You Want Italy to Yourself

My father Mario Perillo, always used to say “off season is the best season in Italy.” That’s because there are fewer crowds, you have the monuments to yourself and the weather is still great. Plus you can save $$$! Join the February 16th departure of our 10-Day Marco Polo Tour and save $300 per person. Join the February 28th departure of our 14-Day North Classic Tour and save $300 per person.

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