Italy TravelVideo: Behind the Scenes of A Perillo Tours Commercial

Video: Behind the Scenes of A Perillo Tours Commercial
Published on Sunday, April 6, 2014 by

steveandharryPerillo Tours is all about family; we’ve been family run for nearly 70 years. Another thing we’re known for: our television commercials. A tradition that I’ve proudly carried on from my father, Mr. Italy, Mario Perillo.

A very important part of the family is Harry Perillo. He’s my golden retriever who comes into the office each day with me. Harry has taken on more and more responsibilities and as VP of marketing, he oversees the production of our famous television commercials.

I always tell Harry (especially when there is food around) to keep his mind on business. Little did I know what he was REALLY thinking when while we were taping our most recent TV commercial.

Here’s what actually goes on at the taping of a Perillo Tours commercial.

CLICK HERE or below to watch!!

2 Responses
    • Jennie, I love the PerilloTours commercials…This is one of best and also the one with Harry (Steve’s talking golden retriever)…watch it and enjoy!…Steve looks.handsome, too,..and happy!

      Cousin Adele

    • avatar
    • Incredibly creative…beautiful love story…I wish I could be there when they reunite…

      Love Harry and Maria

      To be continued….

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